Hospital Emergency Care

One measure of hospital performance is how long patients stay in the hospital emergency department (ER) before being admitted to the hospital or sent home. Emergency Department Throughput measures are designed to capture ‘wait times’ in the ER.  To view individual hospital ER wait times, click on the Emergency Department tab to the right.

Between April 1, 2016 and March 31, 2017, ER ‘wait times’ in Maryland hospitals were longer than the national average—the average patient waited 396 minutes before being admitted to the hospital as compared to 279 minutes for hospitals nationally.  Improving ER throughput time is an important factor in properly addressing a patient’s medical condition.  Wait times can also have an impact on overall patient satisfaction.

Patients seeking emergency care also have the option of visiting urgent care centers.  These centers can be freestanding, and are sometimes located within retail stores or pharmacies.  Urgent care facilities can deal with less critical health issues, such as colds, rashes, sprains, or superficial wounds.  If you decide to visit an urgent care center you should call ahead to ensure that they offer care for your specific medical needs and that your insurance will be accepted.