Who We Are

The Center for Quality Measurement and Reporting of the Maryland Health Care Commission produced this website. If you have ideas about this website, please let us know what you think. Use the Sign Up for Updates feature to email us or give us a call.  Key contacts are listed below:

Theressa Lee (Director, Center for Quality Measurement and Reporting): 410-764-3328 or theressa.lee@maryland.gov

Courtney Carta (Healthcare Associated Infections, General Website Inquiries): 410-764-3275 or courtney.carta@maryland.gov

Sherma J. Charlemagne-Badal (Long-term care, Health Plans): 410-764-3483 or sherma.cbadal@maryland.gov

Julie Deppe (Long-term Care, General Inquiries): 410-764-3563 or julie.deppe@maryland.gov

Mariam Rahman (Quality Measures, Consumer Ratings, General Website Inquiries): 410-764-3377 or mariam.rahman@maryland.gov

For more information about the Maryland Health Care Commission, please click here.