Health Plan Guide


It is important to make sure quality health care is available for everyone. One way to make sure that quality health care is available in Maryland is to look at how health benefit plans are performing. There are many types of health benefit plans. One is called the health maintenance organization (HMO) plan. Another is called a point of service (POS) plan. There also is the preferred provider organization (PPO) plan and an exclusive provider organization (EPO) plan.

Information on the services provided by these plans are reported on this website and are reported annually. To learn more about health benefit plans, choose a topic from the list on the right. For example, if you want to learn more about how consumers rate their health benefit plans, click on Consumer Ratings.

Through 2014 health plan information was published in a report. Full archived reports can be found here.

You can read about Medicare Advantage by clicking on this link.

To read more on the Medicaid HealthChoice program, click this link.

The DHMH Consumer Report Card helps assist HealthChoice enrollees. It helps you compare and pick a health plan. To view the Consumer Report Card, click here.

Maryland employees can read about the Employee Benefits Program by selecting this link.